Bamunara Industrial Area, Gopalpur P.S: Kanksa, Durgapur - 713212, West Bengal, India

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We at Shivam Meltech, thoroughly acknowledge the impact of our businesses on both the local environments in which we operate and the wider, global environment. In addition to that, we have also realised that our businesses have the potential to impact the lives of people, both positively through employment opportunities and negatively by putting their overall well-being at risk. Having said that, we have strategically approached this crucial problem at hand. We have developed a comprehensive plan with parameters that help our businesses in resolving the negative impact of their operations on people, communities and overall environment. Additionally, the plan encompasses sustainable solutions for the businesses that betters their performance without compromising on quality.

What Does CSR Mean To Us?

"Demonstrably contribute in a socially, ethically, and environmentally-responsible way to the development of a society where the needs of all are met.” CSR has emerged to be one of the defining issues across the globe. It has pushed businesses to introspect, acknowledge, and efficiently respond to it. We at Shivam Meltech, have recognised, unintended though, the contribution to environmental, social, or overall developmental problems through our businesses. To tackle it, we plan towards creating a world where the human rights of everyone continue to be met and where the ability of the world to support humankind is maintained or, if possible, improved.