Bamunara Industrial Area, Gopalpur P.S: Kanksa, Durgapur - 713212, West Bengal, India

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Quality Management

Mission and Vision

Shivam Meltech quality is the measure of excellence, we are totally quality driven company.

◉ Iron ore is tested for Fe(T), LOI, SiO2, Al2O3
◉ Dolomite is tested for LOI, CaO, MgO, & screen analysis
◉ Coal is tested for proximate analysis to determine Fc, Ash, VM & moisture content.
◉ Pig iron is tested for C, S & P
◉ Ferro alloys is tested for C, Mn, S & P
◉ Sponge iron is tested for Fe(M), C, S & Non Mag.
◉ Ladle Analysis is tested for C, Mn, S, P & Si by spectrometer
◉ Billet analysis is tested for C, Mn, S, P & Si
◉ Selected conforming Billets only used for rolling into TMT Rebars.
◉ Checking of reheating furnace temperature before & after quenching temperature - running bar sectional weight